Internet Addiction Pays Off in China

Internet addiction is spreading like an epidemic in China and there are already 24 million people affected by it. The situation is so worse that treatment center have popped up in the country aiming to provide a care for this and people actually go to those training centers!

To help us have a better insight at what can possibly happen at these facilities, some officials at these facilities have gone on record to say,

We have to use military-style methods such as total immersion and physical training on these young people. We need to teach them some discipline and help them to establish a regular lifestyle.

They receive traditional Chinese calligraphy and philosophy classes with a military lifestyle.

Though, my best guess is that those attending this treatment did not know they signed up for this, so they finally decided to break free. The group of 14 patients, including a 15 year old boy, tied their supervisor to his bed and escaped from the facility. This escape from Azkaban turned back on them when the driver of the taxi they hired took them straight to a police station.

Finally, it was unsure as to what happened at the treatment center which was so grave that they had to run from it. The government needs to look into the matter as parents of these addicts are spending a sum of around 18,000 Yuan and apparently, it is doing them no good. (Source)

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