Intel Wants To Get Into TV Business

Companies getting into TV business is the new swag thing in the market just like anyone and everyone wanted to manufacture a mobile device two years ago.

Now according to the recent report by Reuters, Intel is planning to get into TV business. But it’s becoming a challenge to the chip maker as major media content providers are unwilling to let Intel unbundle and license specific networks and shows at a discount to what cable and satellite partners pay. What’s interesting is the company is emphasizing a set-top box employing Intel technology that can distinguish who is watching, potentially allowing Intel to target advertising.

Recently, Google has tried to test its hands on $100 billion US cable television eco system. It is being said that Apple is also about to disrupt the TV ecosystem and will be releasing TV SDK at WWDC next week, reports Forbes. If that happens, it will enable Apple TV box to run third party apps which can be accessed through Apple’s app store.

The only question remains can Intel make a breakthough in the TV business where giants like Apple and Google are still struggling? Agreed, Intel is a conglomorate in itself, yet its previous attempts to contribute to consumer electronics (Meego) has failed.

With everyone trying its hands at TV business will definitely bring some much needed change in the category. We just hope that few of those hands won’t get burned like they did when everyone went frenzy over mobile devices.

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