Intel to Provide Hardware Support for WebM

Intel has plans for supporting the hardware acceleration of WebM videos. This news was confirmed by an Intel executive who said that the technology will be available on an Atom CE Systems-on-Chips(SOC) if VP8 gains popularity.

This Atom SOC chip can be used on TV’s and set top boxes to provide Internet connectivity and streaming videos to these devices. Logitech poses as one prospective buyer of this new chip as it is gearing up for the launch of its Google TV set top boxes this fall. The Google TV platform will perform even better with this technology and Google can significantly cut down costs by offloading a greater part of the rendering job to the client end.

The SOC available as an Atom CE4100 chip already packs a GPU, a CPU, an audio processor, a cryptography acceleration and USB connectivity.

The decoding of VP8 is still possible without this chip by using alternate software solutions. Though, this hardware support makes the CPU more responsive and allows a generic video decoding which support many popular formats.

The CE4100 already supports DivX and Xvid and H.264 which are popular and are in wide usage. Support for VP8 gives consumers more options in choosing their products and gives a better user experience.


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