Intel Halts Shipment of Sandy Bridge, Serious Flaw in Chipset

Intel’s Sandy Bridge chipset has been a real head turner with all the performance breakthroughs. However, as it is always with breakthroughs and mad scientist experiments, they go horribly wrong and destroy the world. Well, Sandy Bridge has not reached that danger level yet, but its shipment sure had to be halted due to a flaw in the chipset.

The flaw lies in the SATA port that degrades over time compromising devices attached to it. In case you were wondering, SATA drives house hard drives and DVD ROMs. The flaw is not in the microprocessor itself in case you were wondering. However, to resolve matters pertaining to already shipped units, Intel has shredded off the responsibility of repairing them and has dumped it on the device manufacturer instead. You can catch the complete report on this matter from this Intel newsroom announcement. The losses due to this flaw will amount to US $1 billion.

A design flaw caught after the product goes into production is a serious blow to the lineup and attracts double losses, monetary as well as confidence of users. Intel has been quick in detecting the flaw and responding to it. What remains to be seen is how device manufacturers are retaining the trust of their customers. Sandy Bridge has broken a barrier in microprocessor design and it will be a big setback to the industry if the chipsets are not rectified fast.

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