INRIX to power Google Maps for Real-Time Traffic Information

Google has selected INRIX’s real-time traffic information to help power its navigation and mapping applications. The service integration will be initially available in 8 countries across Europe with plans to roll out into additional markets by the end of the year. INRIX’s real-time traffic information for major motorways will be integrated with Google products and services online and on mobile phones.

INRIX operates the largest crowd-sourced traffic network in the world. In an independent test of traffic information in the world, the University of Maryland has found INRIX real-time traffic information to be accurate with 5 mph of actual traffic speeds over 90 percent of the time.

It is powered by information from 30 million GPS and cellular-based devices as well as from their network of tens of thousands of traffic reporters. These reporters typically provide information about accidents, speed traps, and other events. Apart from the crowd-sourced data, INRIX analyzes traffic and traffic-related data from hundreds of public and private sources including traditional road sensor data and unique local traffic-impacting events. Along with all the traffic information gathering, INRIX uses its analysis techniques and knowledge of the traffic business to analyze road closures, accidents, construction, events, and speed data together.

INRIX already has more than 200 customers and partners including Ford, Nissan, Vodafone, and more, who’ve selected INRIX traffic information and connected driving services to power their solutions in automobiles, online, and on mobile devices. INRIX also provides independent app for all major mobile platforms, including Windows Phone 7 which I wrote about recently.

Interestingly, INRIX Traffic Services leverage statistical analysis techniques which were originally developed by Microsoft Research. With this latest INRIX-Google deal, the baffling statement Microsoft Research powers Google Maps – isn’t too off the mark! :)

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