Indonesia Joins the Fray; Seeks to Ban Blackberry

RIM - BlackberryAfter Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and probably India, it is Indonesia’s turn to seek a ban on Blackberry‘s services.

Indonesia is making demands similar to those made by Saudi Arabia, UAE and India; it wants RIM (Research in Motion) to install local servers through which the user data is routed so that it can have access to all the encrypted emails.

RIM is in a very tight spot right now, if it acquiesces to the request of any one country, it will have to comply with every country’s request. It has stated that it won’t compromise on its security features. It has agreed to provide user codes to the Saudi authorities that will allow them to access the encrypted information.

Indonesia has more than 1.2 million subscribers. Blackberry is facing fire from all quarters — Android and Apple are gaining marketshare while it is busy trying to pacify multiple governments. Even its stock has been hammered down by about 5%.

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