India’s $35 Tablet to be Launched on October 5

The famous $35 Indian tablet, which was proudly announced by the Indian Minister of Communications and Information Technology on television, was originally scheduled to be launched in January 2011. However, due to some issues with the official vendor HCL, the launch was delayed. We had almost forgotten about it and had given up on it as vaporware, but apparently the Sakshat project is still alive.

India $35 Tablet

According to a report by the Times of India, the $35 tablet will be made available to students in primary schools and universities on October 5. The official name of the tablet will be announced at launch. We still don’t know the exact specifications of the tablet.

It’s likely that the final device will be a rebranded and subsidized version of the Chinese Hivision Speedpad tablet running a customized version of Android.

The government will bundle educational content and videos with the tablet in collaboration with certain universities, though no specifics have been revealed yet.

October is going to be pretty exciting, with the iPhone 5 launch on October 4, the Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus Prime launch on October 11, and now the Indian $35 tablet coming on October 5.

Stay tuned. We will bring you more details soon.

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