Indian Call Centers, an Emerging Social Hacking and Scamming Hub

India is popular for its call centers and no matter how crappy the Indian-American accent is it gets the job done. However, now, Indian call centers are doing more than getting the job done. They are reverse engineering their jobs to their personal advantage and this forms an excellent ground to run call-centre scams.

Consider this scenario. A person from India calls you telling that he is from Microsoft and quotes your correct address, phone number and name. Next, he goes on to say that Microsoft has released a fix for some problem and you need to download certain “Windows Event Viewer” software. This software is either a backdoor or, after this sequence, you are asked to pay up £185. Has this ever happened to you?

The Guardian is investigating into this and has figured out that the call center in question is located in Kolkata and has connections with a person from Kota in Rajasthan.

Microsoft has obviously denied making any such calls and having any tie-ups with any such call centers. The age group, which falls victim to this generally, includes the elderly and those people who are not involved and updated about such scams. More information will be revealed as the investigation proceeds.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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  • This is seriously some though provoking stuff man…Should be stopped by any means !

  • This sounds scary… such things must be stopped and the people who are behind thing must be penalized for this wrong doing….

  • Seriously speaking, i am really worried about my personal info. I am not sure how many people have got it in their systems and what would they do with it.

  • Bek

    This literally just happened to me. My boyfriend answered the phone & I took over it cause I know a bit more about computers than him. She asked me to do all the things above so I went along with it and then asked some questions, such as who contacted you, how do you know this, who is my broadband company, etc. She began to get very distressed and just kept asking me to double click this to which I said I don’t trust this, you are saying there are people hacking into my system yet you want to do the same thing…..I don’t know where or who you are? She then transfered me to her supervisor and I again so how do you know this? and he said that they had been running surveys within Australia. I said that I would feel more comfortable contacting my service provider to sonfirm this, he became very cocky and said thats fine goodbye. They asked me to log into, which didn’t seem right to me….not a very professional name for a company linked to microsoft. They claim to be called PC Confidence I think. But usre enough I hung up the phone had a look through system files to see if there could possibly be any truth to this and then thought I would actually call my service provider but googled it first and sure enough I came up with pages of websites with the same story. I feel quite violated in a way but i feel good for listening to my gut instinct.