India: a Potential and Emerging Cybercrime Hub and Target

“Symantec Global Internet Security Threat Report” collects cybercrime and vulnerability data from across the globe and analyzes it to produce near-perfect cybercrime reports. The 100 page report generated from 2009 just came in and the most pressing issue according to it is that criminal activities over the Internet, termed as cybercrime has started moving to emerging countries.

Two countries in focus in these reports are Brazil and India. The Internet is a global entity and the lack of awareness has put India into that report. China, which was included in the last report has evolved and is now much more aware regarding the Internet.

Not only this, India is also a soft target in cybercrime. India serves as the best testing bed for hack attacks and more than 4/5th of hacks in India originated in other countries. There is a high broadband penetration but the awareness of safe usage is absolutely zero. People are still happy winning those lotteries and screensaver and are willingly giving away potential personal information.

India ranks #5 in cybercrime and serves 788 bots each day. ¬†Out of these, Mumbai, India’s largest city also claimed the largest bot activity of 50% in the country. Also, there are at least 62,623 bot infected computers in India.
(Via: PCMag)

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