iCloud Sues Apple over Brand Name, Strengthens Case with Apple’s Poor Past Record

Apple never stops getting into disputes with their product names. This time, it is their iCloud service. With iCloud, Apple wants to take on the world of file syncing and storage, but it went a bit carried away with the name to notice that a company with the same brand name exists already!


If you are a regular reader here, you will have noticed  our coverage of iCloud and its use cases.

Today, Apple inched closer to ubiquitous  computing, the elusive dream all technology enthusiasts share. During their Worldwide Developer Conference today, Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s consumer cloud service  unimaginatively named iCloud.

All this sounds good and there are various reactions on this cloud service all over the Internet. Some have perceived it as an uber sync tool while others are of the view that it just adds to the redundancy of these services. Anyway, what we seeing recently far surpasses all these speculation and research.

The very existence of this service is challenged, now that it is found to have the stolen name. Yes. Apple’s use of  iCloud is a trademark infringement over  an Arizona-based computer communications company. Apple upsets the company iCloud because of this move. This company specializes in VOIP and other communication technologies. Besides having the name iCloud for itself, iCloud also wants all of Apple’s iCloud marketing destroyed. This has a very good chance of ending in a sweet settlement and both the parties will go home happy because Apple already has an encroaching patent on iCloud and iCloud is not much of a cloud based service provider.

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