IBM Claims Breakthrough in Computing that can make Things 100 times Faster

No matter how much of computing power we pack into our hardware, one fact still remains. They are powered by age-old connections, the ones that had powered US Telegraph lines around a hundred and fifty years ago. Yes, I am talking about those copper wires. A nuisance as they should have become by now, IBM has finally realized the fact and come up with a better solution using an optical bus.


IBM has made this breakthrough by using photons to transfer the signals, which has been done by electrons all this while. This will record a new era of computing, which will be accompanied by massive parallelism. This simply means better implementations of Artificial Intelligence but it is not limited to that. We can reopen areas where development has been strictly theoretical or stagnant because of the lack of the necessary computing power.

What is interesting is that although Big Blue has claimed this breakthrough, the idea was also developed at Sun Microsystems, which was further funded by the DARPA. However, IBM had the advantage of stability and self-sufficiency. Therefore, it has been developing the technology on its own. In the meanwhile, Sun went down the Oracle drain and now, we have IBM taking away all the credit.


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