IBM Launches Power7 Processor and Systems
By on February 8th, 2010

With the launch of a new chip today called Power7, IBM plans to enter the high-end server market currently ruled by HP. The new chip introduced by IBM would have eight processing cores in each chip, allowing each core to execute 4 tasks simultaneously as compared to Intel’s high-end Xeon processor that only accommodates two tasks per core.

IBM will also launch a number of systems based on the Power7 chip including an IBM Power 780, IBM Power 770 and IBM Power 755 systems. Both 780 band 770 systems will feature 64 Power7 cores and the 755 system would feature 32 Power7 cores. IBM also claims that the new Power7 processors would consume only half the energy of previous Power6 processors while delivering twice the performance. Along with new processors, the Power7 systems will also offer various performance-increasing features such as the TurboMode that will help the systems optimize their workload.

The launch of these new systems from IBM would heat up the war with HP which is also supposed to announce the next generation version of Intel’s Itanium chip called Tukwila, on Feb 8th 2010. Not to forget that both IBM and HP have serious competition from Oracle, who enters the high-end server market after acquiring Sun Microsystems and it’s SPARC/Solaris line of hardware, earlier this year.

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