IBM Claims another Computing Breakthrough, Now Measuring How Long a Single Atom Holds a Bit of Information

IBM has claimed yet another breakthrough in computing and data storage with the ability to record the behavior of atoms on a scale of nanoseconds. This will let them study changes in the behavior of atoms to data storage accurately. The press release claiming this say,

SAN JOSE, Calif., September 24, 2010 Today IBM (NYSE:  IBM) researchers published a breakthrough technique in the peer-reviewed journal  Science that measures how long a single atom can hold information, and giving scientists the ability to record, study and “visualize” extremely fast phenomena inside these atoms.

Just a few days ago, IBM claimed a speed improvement by replacing copper wires. This development follows the last one in less than a month and combined, these two can take computing to a new level.

The video of the first speed measurement capture is available on YouTube.

The complete press release can be read here.

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