Hulu Blocking Android 2.2 Devices Using Flash

Everyone must be really excited about and Flash 10.1, since it will bring a much needed relief to users who haven’t been able to watch flash videos on their devices.

Android 2.2 Flash 10.1

However, if you are a Hulu user and are gearing up to catch up some Hulu videos on your newly installed 2.2 OS with Flash 10.1 installed, you will be in for some disappointment since Hulu is reportedly blocking Flash 10.1 access on Android 2.2.

According to a PC World report who got a byte from Adobe, Hulu does not own the mobile distribution rights for the content they have, so they are legally obliged to block the content from mobile devices.

According to Adobe, Hulu does not own distribution rights for their content on mobile devices and therefore cannot stream video to smartphones. With no Hulu on the iPad and no Hulu on your Android phone, isn’t time for Hulu to develop an app? Let’s hope so.

This is definitely a big blow since Hulu is one of the best resources to catch up on television shows and the earlier reasons that Flash support on mobile devices being an issue no long holds.

However, given that Flash 10.1 and Android 2.2 are just released things may change in the near future. However, don’t keep your fingers crossed and in the meantime find alternatives to watch your favorite shows on your mobile device.

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