Hugo Chavez Now # 1 Twitter User In Venezuela, Hires 200 Poeple To Assist

When it comes to the micro-blogging network Twitter, let’s just say Hugo Chavez had a change of heart. Around 3 months ago when people in Venezuela used Twitter to express against Chavez, he suggested to the National Assembly that the internet should be regulated. However, it looks like he had a sudden change of heart because he has not only joined Twitter recently, but has also become one of the top Twitter users in Venezuela.

Chavez currently has 250,000 followers and with a need for so many tweets, he has hired 200 assistants to help him. He explained that the aides will help in answering thousands of messages he receives every day. Within a week of joining Chavez has also been included in over 8,000 Twitter lists. He also knows people are making fun of me because of this sudden shift in his perspective, but he does not care:

Some criticize me, others insult me. I don’t care,” he said. “It’s a form of contact with the world.

Over all, it seems to be a really smart move from Chavez since now he would be able to respond/manage the fastest growing medium being used against his leadership.

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