HP Sues Oracle Over Itanium Processor Development Pullout

Oracle is one of the world’s biggest company and database vendor. It also became one of the world’s largest server manufacturing company when they purchased Sun.

Oracle HP Lawsuit

On March 22, 2011, Oracle issued a statement (read here) that they will be stopping development for Itanium based processors and continue developing for newer processors. This looked directly in line with increasing the footage in the server business. However, it looks like HP is not taking the development nicely and and are now suing Oracle over the stoppage of development on Itanium processors.

According to a new blog post from HP, they stated that they have filed a lawsuit on June 15, 2011 in the Superior Court of the State of California, for the County of Santa Clara, seeking Oracle to reverse its decision. HP says that discontinuation of the software development on Itanium processors violates a legal agreements made by Oracle to HP and their 140,000 customers.

In addition to that HP also stated that, Oracle’s decision is unlawful in the sense that they are trying to lure customers who use HP Itanium based platforms to their own Sun Solaris based platforms.

Oracle is not new to court cases and have been fighting a court battle with Google over and Java which is getting murkier by the day and is almost close to being decided. Back in September 2010, HP had also sued former HP CEO Mark Hurd over joining Oracle, Oracle in turn had threatened to walk out of their Partnership. However, the hatchet between the two was buried when HP dropped their case against Hurd.

The new case would once again pit these two companies against each other and keep their lawyers busy, but will they once again bury the hatchet and sleep together?

In the past, Oracle also has been notorious for killing lot of Open Source Software. The most recent tussle being between FSF and Oracle over OpenOffice and the Document Foundation.

Oracle has been trying to arm-twist a lot of people and companies to fall in line, but are they the one who have to mend their ways? Well, I can’t say for certain, but this HP lawsuit will definitely make for a nice little battle.

Full Statement from HP on suing Oracle:

HP believes that Oracle’s March 22 statement to discontinue all future software development on the Itanium platform violates legally binding commitments Oracle has made to HP and the more than 140,000 shared HP-Oracle customers. Further, we believe that this is an unlawful attempt to force customers from HP Itanium platforms to Oracle’s own platforms.

As a result, on June 15, HP filed a civil lawsuit in the Superior Court of the State of California, for the County of Santa Clara, seeking Oracle to reverse its decision. HP believes that Oracle is legally obligated to continue to offer its software product suite on the Itanium platform and we will take whatever legal actions are available to us necessary to protect our customers’ best interests and the significant investments they have made.

HP remains committed to a long-term mission-critical server roadmap, including Intel’s Itanium processor. Similarly, Intel has repeatedly reinforced its ongoing commitment to the Itanium roadmap.

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