HP May Integrate Projector Technology In Tablet PCs

Do you hate to struggle with projectors during important business meetings? Do you think they are too old-fashioned and a pain to carry? All this may change very soon with the upcoming HP tablet PCs.

Gizmodo reports that HP may integrate a mini projector in the new tablet and notebook PCs. According to Monty Wong, the VP of personal computing systems group at HP Taiwan, HP is working on a tablet PC and a notebook launch for 2010, both with integrated pico-projectors. Wong further claims that the projector would potentially be placed at the top of a laptop screen, close to where the web cam is traditionally placed. If successful, this would establish HP as the market leader in mini and portable projectors as they are already one of the biggest players in the home office projector market. Ideas similar to these have previously been rumored for upcoming Apple tablet and actually demonstrated by ASUS in one of their laptops.

With increasing importance of portability, it is only fair to see more and more technologies being integrated with popular portable devices like mobile phones, notebooks and tablet PCs. We have already seen cameras, microphones, scanners. video players and projectors becoming a part of portable devices, what do you think is next on the list?

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