How to Uninstall Windows Media Player 11

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Usually most of the software you install has an uninstall option in the program menu from where you can easily uninstall the software, but with some softwares like Windows Media Player 11 and Internet Explorer 7 it is not the case.

Recently one of my readers asked me how to uninstall the Windows Media Player 11, which in itself is not a straight forward task as it is does not have an uninstall option present unlinke most of the other softwares.

Performing the steps listed below you can remove any Windows Software updates that have been installed on your computer, including Internet Explorer 7 and any other updates.

Its a quite simple process and do this you will have to open the Add / remove program option from Control Panel.

Once you are in the Add / Remove Program section you will see a list of programs that have been installed on your computer.

In the top section of the Add / Remove program section you will see a small check box saying Show updates click on that as shown in the screen shot below.

Uninstall windows media player 11

Once you have clicked on that scroll down till you see Windows XP – Software Updates.

Remove Software Updates

Under that remove anything that is related to the Windows media player 11 and you will have successfully uninstalled Windows Media Player 11.

You will also find the Internet Explorer Beta 7 and various other updates installed by Windows Update and uninstall it using the same steps.

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  • Jay

    I HATE WMP11! Where can I find:

    GOTO ->

    BITstream, I cant locate this where you suggested. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • BIT-stream

    :) Happy to know that some have succede on uninstalling wmp11…

    anyway Jay!… I did not clearly understand wat you meant by \”where to locate it\”… it should be in your windows installation Drive if it\’s not your C drive then try the other drives.. as d:…etc. if you still cant find it though u have found the windows folder… then most probably something must have happened to the uninstallation information….

    where at this point i am not really sure wat is wrong…..

    if all your required files are in place.. then try to re-install wmp11 and then find the unsinstallation folder using the information in my earlier post!

  • Andrea

    BIT-Stream, I\’m going to try your solution today. I\’ve had a very frustrating time with trying to get rid of Windows Media Player 11. I\’ve tried the instructions from Microsoft itself, which didn\’t work, and I\’ve also tried the other solutions on this site, yet I keep getting the message that I have a newer version installed, and can\’t install Windows Media Player 10.

    The only other option I\’ve been able to find through my search is to get rid of SP2 in order to be able to take this thing off, but that means reinstalling Internet Explorer and a bunch of other things. I really hope it doesn\’t come to that, so here\’s to hoping your solution works! *crosses fingers* I\’ll check back and let you know.

  • mombo

    I have gone through removing WMP 11, and WM Format Runtime 11, but when I get to the point that I need to remove MS User-Mode Driver Framework Feature Patch 1.0.0, and I click \”yes\” something pops up that says \”in clicking yes, you may have problems running these other applications\” including Adobe Photoshop, Palm OS, etc… I don\’t want to click yes just to have problems with all these other things then. What to do?

    • i unstalled media 11.
      i need to unstall. ms user-mode drive framework.
      feature 1.0. it says is i remove this program.
      i might have problems it gives me a bunch of programs. on my computer .can i remove this.
      with out having. all of these problems.
      with these other programs. please let me know.
      something. aaron

  • Data7o9

    Thanks for this tip. I have searched off and on ever since I have downloaded this useless excuse of a media player to uninstall it.

  • acebase

    do a search for spuninst.exe using windows search

  • Andrew

    ok, ive tried a little bit of everything ive seen here
    i tried to uninstall, restart, uninstall, restart, get rid of that file….didnt work

    reinstalled, looked for those files, dont exist…back to square one…

    nothing i do will get rid of wmp 11 enough so i can get 10 back on…help please?

  • [color=red][/color]

    I too am having problems getting rid of media 11. This is rediculous. Who on earth could have thought of such a thing. Neverhave I ever seen anything that I couldn\’t delete or un-install in some way or another. This thing doesn\’t let go…! Is there anything that has ever worked? Help please

  • Dana

    the Internet is so big, with no help in regards to wmp11. Why dos\’nt Microsoft hired real brains like you people. Thanks for your help.

  • T

    Problem !!!

    Cannot roll back because uninstall folder are deleted


    I accidentaly delete all files that is $NtUninstallwmp11 similiar.
    I try reinstalling WMP11 but it did not create uninstall folder at all.

  • M. Oliver

    i tried doin all tht, but it says rollback complete but it just messes up the media player and doesn\’t uninstall it, its really pissin me off lol

  • mal

    im having problems uninstalling media player 11… ive follow the instrustions as above but in remove programs my media player isnt selected under windows XP updates its its own seperate thing. ive tried to simply remove it anyway but obviously it didnt work, otherwize i wouldnt be here, it keeps saying it cant delete it because the uninstall folder has already been deleted (or something like that) and i havnt deleted anything ive even tried reinstalling media player 11 to get this folder back but i still cant get…. can anyone help??

  • teh pwn3r

    This command actually removes it instead of rolling it back. i found it using a tweakUI app.


  • Ding

    WMP 11 Is gone but cant uninstall IE7

  • Hawk911

    I don\’t have those 2 updates- what now?

  • Jay

    in response to anyone who has deleted these two folders due to space

    If you use have another machine or a friends machine and copy over its wmp11 uninstall folders then run the spuninst\\spuninst.exe in each of those folders it will get you back to wmp10 then i just ran the wmp10 install again to fix any unseen problems

  • Thanks a lot finally I found out a solution to my problem guys.Thx a lot. 8)

  • BK

    :shock: MAke sure you remove the


    or you will not be able to reinstall Windows Media 10

  • scott

    I deleted the folders:

    then I went in to control panel add/remove
    and uninstalled mediaplayer 10 (not 11) which rolls it back to mediaplayer 9 and then reinstalled mediaplayer 10 (downloaded from a non microsoft site)
    Worked like a charm

  • Ello…

    I am completely un tech savy. I went to completely uninstall 11. It says I need the eula.txt on the NT service Pack. I have no idea what to do from there.

  • hmd


  • Patty

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! Who in their right mind put media player 11 accessible to ANYONE yet?!?!? IT acts more like a VIRUS than a \’better\’ version! I typed song info on 1 song – only 1 song – the ONLY song I had listed under a certain artist. The program randomly pulled 13 songs from other artists and albums and put them all under this one artist, and made it an album! WHAT A MESS! anyone have any ideas on how to fix this before I just try the roll back option?! I tried to change one of THE FEW songs I knew to the correct info, but it still shows under this bogus album, and is NO LONGER listed in the correct place! I went into my add/remove and selected show updates as stated. I do not show any media player updates, HOWEVER, it DOES show 2 updates for yesterday (the day I \’upgraded\’ to 11). They are listed as a \’hot fix\’ and another as an \’XP media center edition.\’ Do I mess with either or both of these? HELP!

  • Patty

    … (added from Patty) I don\’t want to do ANYTHING else on a hunch – at this point, I think I have just made things worse so I am not doing anything else until someone with (more) experience with this stuff! This is all quite frustrating – I consider myself a quite computer-literate person, but this stuff is NUTS!

  • Patty

    did you lose any of your \’stuff\’ on media player? THAT is my BIG concern… we have quite an extensive library, and I don\’t even want to THINK about what would happen if/when I lost the whole thing… :confused:

  • Phil

    I too can\’t get rid of WMP11 and roll back but after reading this post I suddenly realized that both my WMP11 and Windows Media Format Runtime 11 aren\’t listed under the \’Updates\’ section in Add/Remove Programs. They are listed as normal programs in that section. Could this be why I can\’t roll back?