How To Delete Photos From Your iPad

Deleting photos on iPad is not as simple as deleting images from other devices. Yes, you cannot delete photos from your iPad, however, you need to use your PC or Mac and sync your iPad with iTunes in order to delete photos from it. Even when using iTunes, users won’t be able to delete selected images from the iPad. They will have to delete a whole album. The only images which users can delete right from within their iPad are Saved images.

Saved images are those images which a user saves on his iPad while browsing some websites in Safari or via some other applications. Below is a screenshot which shows the Save Image’ option in Safari Mobile.


Below are the steps to delete saved images from your iPad :

1) Open up the Photos’ app on your iPad and navigate to the Saved Photos’ album.


2) If you want to delete multiple saved images, then press the more options button in extreme top right. Then select the images you want to delete by tapping on them and press the Delete’ option at the top.


3) If users only want to delete one specific image, they need to open that image and press the trash’ icon present at the extreme top right and then select the Delete Photo’ option.

There are many third party iPad managing software which may allow users to delete specific photos from the device. However, more often than not these kind of software never work properly.

The only option we iPad owners have is to pray and hope that Apple will soon allow us to delete specific images from Albums in our iPad in a future iOS update.

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