How to customize the fonts used in Winamp

I recently switched to Winamp, thanks to a friend’s recommendation. One thing that’s been keeping me away from this player is the fact that it looks ugly (well, atleast to my eyes). There are lots of skins, I know, but they aren’t professional looking.

But I really loved Winamp because it’s very customizable. I tried a few skins. They are pretty, except for the fonts displayed. The default fonts and fonts sizes used in Winamp aren’t that good, and most of the time are really annoying and unreadable.

I know that it’s a customizable player, but the myriad of options took me aback, and I was unable to find the setting I need to change in order to customize the fonts used in Winamp.

Finally, I hunted down the location of the option. Here’s how you customize the fonts used in Winamp:

  • Right Click on the Winamp Title Bar
  • A context menu should open up
  • Go to Options >> Preferences
  • In the left pane look for ‘General Preferences’ and then select ‘Playlist’
  • In the right pane, uncheck ‘Use Skin or Language Pack font’
  • Now select the font that you want to be used in Winamp in the list that appears beneath it.
  • You can also change the font size by using the options on top of the window

That’s it. Winamp’s interface just got a bit better!

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