Hotmail To Launch a Massive Overhaul This Summer [Screenshots]

With Gmail taking over the world, Hotmail guys don’t want to sit in the back seat and do nothing. As a result, Dick Craddock of Hotmail announced in a blog post today that Hotmail is being re-invented and the new version will be launched sometime this summer.

The post goes into lots of details about users’ needs and the changes Hotmail is making to meet those needs, but here is a quick summary:

Hotmail Highlights: As soon as you log into your Hotmail inbox, you’ll see a summary of messages such as email from contacts, social updates e.t.c.

Email categories: Even within your inbox, you will see tabs like From Contacts, Social Updates and From Groups.

Sweep: Sweep is more like  Rules or  Filters in Gmail. You can sweep email in bulk from inbox to folders or set rules to do it for new mail as well. You can also do it for your Gmail and Yahoo! mail accounts that have been integrated to Hotmail.

Photos & Documents: In addition to viewing photos right in your inbox, Hotmail will now use the Office web apps to let you open any Word, Excel or Powerpoint within your inbox as well.

Videos: Watch a video from YouTube or Hulu directly in your inbox.

In addition to these, the new Hotmail will also offer a better syncing with your mobile phone, enhanced account protection, sub-folders, contact management, multiple email account and full session SSL. More details and discussions of these and more features is available at

Over all, the changes are great for Hotmail users but there is absolutely nothing in these offerings that Gmail already does not offer. Hotmail can definitely say they will be better than their current state but I think they would still be in no comparison to Gmail.

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