Hotmail Adds Package Tracking, Facebook Chat, Sub Folders and More


Microsoft has been revamping the user experience of Windows Live Hotmail to make it more user friendly and competitive with other webmail providers. Some of the new features they have introduced have been done to entice users back to the email giant.

Today, the Windows Live team announced some new features for Hotmail, several of which were interesting. The best feature from the new updates include package tracking, chat and sub-folders. Here is an overview of what is new with Hotmail.

Package Tracking


Hotmail has made package tracking easier with their latest changes. With the help of ActiveViews, Hotmail will be able to recognize a tracking number and display it above the email message.

This is definitely a neat feature and will allow you to quickly view package details from FedEx, DHL and UPS along with the US Postal Service.

Facebook Chat in Hotmail


Facebook here, Facebook there, Facebook everywhere. It looks like no application these days can live without having some sort of Facebook integration and Hotmail cannot be left behind. The newer version of Hotmail includes support for Hotmail users to chat with their Facebook friends.

The feature though will initially only be available in US, UK, France, Brazil, Germany and Russia with more regions in the future pipeline.

View More Videos, Sub-Folders and Attachment Size Increase

In addition to the above changes, Hotmail has also introduced support to view more videos within messages from Dailymotion and in addition to Hulu and . The new attachment size has also been increased to 25MB per message.

In addition to that, Hotmail has also introduced a new feature where users can add sub-folders to folders, making it easier for users to manage their folders.

What do you think about the new features in Hotmail? Do you like them? You can find more information about the new changes at the Windows Team Blog.

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