Hotmail Brings Multiple Accounts, Extends Beyond Temporary Email Services

Hotmail has announced a feature similar to temporary email services with multiple additional advantages. With the new Hotmail feature, users will now be able to read email from multiple accounts within the same account. This can be potentially helpful in balancing work and play, all within the same email account and eliminates the need for multiple email accounts.

Currently, Hotmail has set the limit to 5 email accounts but will extend it to 15 accounts in future. Dharmesh Mehta, the Windows Live director of product management at Microsoft tells CNET,

One of which is that I don’t want to give my real address out to any site in the world. I might be worried they’ll spam me with newsletters, or they might resell it to other marketers. Who knows what can happen?

Well, this can be one of the reasons to use this service. However, we can make use of this feature to manage our work easily. Say for example, we create 5 email IDs each for a specific purposes like office work, freelancing, personal and family contact, professional contacts and newsletters. Out of these five, if we use only our newsletters ID in public, we can eliminate a significant amount of spam activity in our inbox.

Other than that, the feature also prevents us from mixing up contacts with same names (was it Kevin the nephew or Kevin the HR Manager?) and has innumerable usages. However, the ability to segregate each of these alias IDs into separate folders might lead to some of those IDs being ignored over time.

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