Hotmail Adds Exchange ActiveSync Support for Mobile Devices

Microsoft today announced that Hotmail users would be able to access push email, calendar and contacts with the introduction of Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail.

Windows Live Hotmail

Hotmail has begun making access to emails more easier with the introduction of POP3 for Hotmail, however, they have now moved a step ahead and are on par with in offering email, calendar and contacts through Exchange ActiveSync.

Users can now setup to get push updates from Hotmail on their exchange enabled clients or mobile devices. The introduction of exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail will now allow you to keep your desktop, web and mobile devices in sync. Whatever changes you make in one place will automatically sync with other devices you are using Hotmail ActiveSync on.

Currently Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync is supported for Windows Mobile 6.x, Windows Phone 7, , , , Nokia E-Series, S-Series, N-Series. Support for is still in testing, however, Hotmail ActiveSync does not work in and is reported to be successfully working with .

You can find instructions to setup Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync to your mobile device by visiting this help topic.

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