Homeland Security Blocks Atdhe.net, Channelsurfing In Streaming Websites Takedown

ATDHE.net, the popular destination to watch American shows and television channels seems to have been blocked by the ICE team at Homeland Security. There are also reports that several other online streaming sites including channelsurfing have been blocked by them.

Atdhe.net Blocked - Homeland Security Takedown

Several users are seeing the above message when they visit atdhe.net. However, this message does not appear for everyone yet. For example, I could still access the website without any issues a few minutes back but started seeing the above message now.

The domain has been taken down through a seizure warrant obtained by U.S. Attorney’s office for Southern District of New York pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 981 and 2323. The reasons for the takedown is basically distribution of copyrighted material such as movies, music, software or games without authorization.

The site in question did stream television channels and sports among other things. It is not very clear as to how many other sites are being taken down currently. The number may be quite more by the time they are done.

A quick search on shows that many users have already started to seeing the above message. So it looks like the US Homeland Security is taking all the free and possibly illegal tv and sports streaming channels offline. In the past, Homeland Security have also taken down websites on behalf of RIAA and MPAA along with several Torrent websites.

Update: Atdhe.net is back as atdhe.me with limited content

Developing story, more to folow…

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  • JIM

    You have got to be kidding me! MY TAX DOLLARS ARE GOING TO HOMELAND SECURITY FOR THIS????? Do they think we’re in Egypt? They want to shut us down? It’s TIME for us to quit putting up with this bullshit from our own government of, by and for US.

    Let’s make this the FINAL STRAW! What do you say? Go to my website at http://www.gripoffs.com and send an email to [email protected] for strategem

  • XcrossoverX

    Why?? Athde is legal, it shouldn’t be closed.

  • Ray

    Although I understand the need to take websites down, I think it is an odd scenario where Homeland Security is being ordered to perform a task by a private company..

    Next you will see the military being ordered by the MPAA to take down a possible DVD/CD replication factory..

    You seriously start to doubt where your tax dollars go if private companies have such access to government agencies.

  • JIM

    http://www.atdhenet.tv will get you there for now ~

  • OK2BU

    Welcome to the United States of China

  • Stryker

    What a bunch of crap. Our government has nothing better to do then to take down sites such as this? Seriously, Homeland security for this? What is so important about this to involve Homeland security? NOTHING!!!! What a bunch of dumb idiots we have in our government. Go do some real work Homeland Security and lets not pretend this a big thing you are doing. Its dumb things like this that is making our country go down the toilet.

  • Wait, What? no more online free tv? Are we on Cuba or the USA??? This is definately a big waste of tax dollars no doubt, what the f**k does this have to do with Homeland Security? Is our security in the homeland at risk by surfing these awesome free sites??? Can you say Communism!!!