Hindustan Times First Indian Newspaper On Amazon Kindle

Hindustan Times on Amazon Kindle

For a first for the Indian newspaper Industry, Hindustan Times a market leader has put up their newspaper on Amazon Kindle. In a announcement on their website, they said that they would be offering their daily newspaper on Kindle for a monthly subscription of $9.99 (Rs. 460).

Personally I think that it is ridiculous price to start out with, considering that a hardcopy Newspaper costs Rs 5 in India, which would take the total cost to Rs. 150 or ~$3.5 per month. In fact, HT has several offers which offer their hardcopy subscriptions for the entire year at half the price they are selling the Kindle version.

I would rather prefer to continue reading the news online rather than paying $10 to read it on the Amazon Kindle. Of course, Kindle is not as big back in India and the main target for this HT launch is US and UK, so this could mean some subscriptions, however, I am not counting on this to be a huge hit.

By the way, Techie Buzz is on Kindle too, so do subscribe if you want to.

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