HBGary Issues an Open Letter of Denial, Attracts More Bad Press

HBGary is the most notorious of all security firms. It has worked closely with the government and has created some of the most notorious backdoor programs, as we know until now. This was a part of the research work at HBGary Federal and they managed to piss off Anonymous by tracking them on chat servers, and communicating with them, all in an attempt to get to them. It all ended miserably for HBGary.


What followed was a face-off between Anon and HBGary’s Greg Hoglund. The confidence in Hoglund’s voice turned to annoyance when Anonymous revealed data from HBGary Federal’s email servers. Finally, Greg Hoglund resorted to a calmer tone and claimed that he was just goofing around and that the entire hack was not necessary.

After quite a few days, HBGary has revisited the incident with a shady open letter of denial. Again, HBGary has displayed its incompetence and has mentioned points, which conflict with the data as available from HBGary email hacks.

The open letter claims that the damage was done only to the HBGary servers and HBGary federal was secure. Additionally, the HBGary management team is a separate body and Greg Hoglund is a part of HBGary. Well, HBGary should have read their own leaked emails before making this statement.

Clearly, the Google Apps account used for both HBGary and their Federal wing are the same. Thus, there is only one Google Apps account allowing access to all their email. Additionally, HBGary Federal mentions Greg Hoglund in the management lists of HBGary Federal.

HBGary should buck up here and stop making things worse for itself. An explanation is justified, but a bag of lies is not. HBGary has also refused to talk to Ars on this matter. Here is the exclusive you need to check for more detailed info on the thrilling case.

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