Hardware Specs For Google TV

At Google I/O there were three major announcements. Froyo, WebM and Google TV have got their fair share of media coverage. Now that the dust has settled some technical details about Google TV have surfaced.

What Google TV is not?

  • A television channel
  • A Google branded television set

What Google TV is?

It is a software platform. Television equipment manufacturers can install Google TV on their products like TV sets or peripherals like set-top boxes. In simplest terms, Google TV will allow you to surf the web on your television.

Technical details: Google TV is based on Google’s Android platform. The only difference as of now is that unlike on Android phones, the browser in Google TV is Chrome and supports Flash. Google has also laid out some basic hardware specifications for manufacturers that want to bundle Google TV on their products:

  • Intel Atom CE4100 (can decode dual 1080p video stream)
  • MPEG-4 support
  • 3D graphics
  • HDMI
  • WiFi and Bluetooth

Google says that you can use any Android phone as the television control. LG and Sony have announced plans for their Google TV based products. one of the interesting Google TV implementation comes from Logitech with Companion Box.

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