Happy Holidays Google Doodle

It’s celebration time everywhere around the world. The whole world is busy preparing themselves for the week-long holidays till the first of New Year, and so is  Google and the team behind the Android OS.

Marking the festivity and joy around, Google has replaced its default logo with a “Happy Holidays” doodle. Google does this every year during the time of Christmas and New Year, wishing all its users a Happy Christmas and Holidays by updating their homepage with a Google Doodle.

Happy Holidays 2011 from Google

This year the “holiday doodle” has a pitch black background depicting a dark night and showcases all the elements that are associated with Christmas, like snowflakes, Santa Claus, bell, snowman, candle and a gift box which are seen decorating the word ‘google’ in the latest doodle.

The Google logo is visible (faded) as an outline behind the icons. Unlike its other interactive doodles, the holiday doodle is static and clicking it will take you to the “happy holidays” Google search results page. Google has been celebrating Christmas and holidays from the past ten years, with a new doodle each year.

You might be wondering why it is “Happy Holidays” and not “Happy Christmas” or “Happy New Year”? Well, in the United States, the collective phrase Happy Holidaysis often used as a generic to cover all greetings for all of the winter holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

Google also released a new advertisement for the holiday called, “Happy Holidays- from Android.Here’s the video released by Google –


Not just that – Google also celebrated the holidays this year by giving away a free Galaxy Nexus smartphone to its employees. The company is allowing Gmail users in the U.S. to call Santa, and is bringing down a little bit of snowfall and frost to its search results when searching for the phrase ‘let it snow‘.

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