Hacker Takes Revenge By Disabling 100 Cars Using a Web Console

We have always seen this kind of stuff in movies but now it is turning into reality. Around 100 cars were disabled when a hacker breached into a web-based vehicle immobilization system that is generally used get attention of delinquent customers. Omar Ramos-Lopez is a former employee of Texas Auto Center who was let go a few weeks ago but decided to sought revenge by disabling cars sold by his former employer.

Omar’s account was terminated when he was fired, but he used another employee’s account to hack into the system and made the cars do weird stuff in addition of horns going on in the middle of the night. This was caught when after 5 days the company reset the passwords for all employee accounts. The suspect has been arrested and is facing charges. The immobilization system called Webtech Plus is developed by a Cleveland based company Pay Technologies.

Even though this incident is claimed to be one of its type, it clearly shows how vulnerable material objects become when they are controlled remotely. If a hack into a small company’s web console can make 100 cars do crazy things, imagine how vulnerable millions of cars would get if somebody manages to hack into a system like OnStar?

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