Hacker News Bans Google And Other Search Engine Indexing

Hacker News a social news website based about computer hacking and startup companies has just blocked Google and other search engines from indexing their site.

Hacker News Google Block Twitter Update

Hacker News is a social news sharing community by Y Combinator which is a startup funding company and is similar to sites like Digg and Reddit, where users can comment and vote on stories submitted to the site.

However, in a recent turn of events, Y Combinator has blocked Google and all other search engines from crawling the site. The news was flashed to all users through a  update.

Hacker News Google Block

There is no official confirmation about why Hacker News blocked Google, however, the Hacker News community is definitely not happy about it since there is no official announcement on why the block was put in place.

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  • Must say that this is a surprising move. I am a Hacker News fan and find HN content to be much more appealing than Digg or Reddit.

  • Cynical Grinch

    It's perfectly obvious; HN doesn't want to dilute their userbase and thereby reduce the quality of posts and opinion exchange. By being indexed and having results on SERPs, they'd be more visible to the public and the probability of this negative consequence would be higher. The target audience is one that can/does find a site like HN on their own or via below-the-[internet]-line communication.