H.264 Videos Increased by 160% Since January

According to a recent study by video search site MeFeedia, there has been a 160% increase in the usage of H.264 videos over the Internet in the last few months, starting January this year.

The driving factor behind this adoption seems to be the ever rising dislike of Flash by accelerated by Apple. You can see the report findings at this page.

An important update from this report says,

Although 26% doesn’t seem like a lot, only 10% of our video index was HTML5-compatible at the beginning of 2010. ¬†We have seen rapid adoption of the new standard this year and that is now moving even faster with the recent release of Apple’s iPad.

This puts Apple iPad as an influential gadget behind the adoption of H.264. With this, Google has to deliver with its recently acquired On2 technology else, it will have a huge H.264 market to convert soon.

According to the report, most of the new content being put on the web is being encoded in H.264. This puts all these videos compatible across various kinds of devices from the iPhone and the iPad to Android devices and more.
(Via: ars technica)

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