Gulf Oil Spill Cap Placed Oil Spill Stopped Video

Gulf Oil Spill Cap Placed Oil Spill Stopped Video

Tonight must bring a big relief for people all over America and also BP the oil giants after they were able to put a Cap on the well in the Gulf Oil to stop the oil leak.

The Gulf Oil Spill has been happening since past 87 days and millions of gallons of oil has been leaked into the ocean damaging water and natural surroundings in several states in US. However, the spill has now been finally stopped, at-least temporarily with no oil gushing out of the well.

It might take a few days or weeks before full recovery takes place and these are crucial, because this is the first time that the Oil Spill has stopped in 87 days and the well might have taken a lot of pressure. You can watch a video of a cap being placed on the Gulf Oil well and the oil leaking completely stopped below.

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