Google’s Giant Pumpkin Halloween Doodle

Google has come up with a not-so-scary, but very impressive, Halloween Doodle for its homepage today. In the image below, you can see the massive pumpkins that they used to carve out their doodle.

Google Halloween DoodleI am not going to show you here exactly what the end result of their labor looks like. I highly encourage you to take a look at so you can try the doodle out for yourself. I will say that it features a fast forward view of the doodle team carving their pumpkins. They also get visited by some pretty funny characters throughout the video. Below, you can watch a behind-the-scenes look at the doodle team working on their pumpkins. These guys take their pumpkin carving pretty seriously. Of course, if my pumpkin weighed upwards of 1,200 pounds, I would probably take it pretty seriously, too.

I hope you enjoy this new doodle and have a Happy Halloween!!

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Darrin Jenkins

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