Google+’s First Screwup: Brand Pages

Google+, which was launched just about 3 weeks back is the fastest growing social network in history. It already has close to 20 million users and has received great reviews across the blogosphere. Now, while it has been welcoming users with open arms (yep, it’s not really exclusive anymore), it had made it clear early on that it won’t be allowing brand pages on the portal yet. It even put up a form where you could apply to get admitted into an early trial and set up a brand page for your company on Google+.

However, many blogs and companies (like Mashable) just created their brand pages on Google+ anyway, while some (like Techcrunch) didn’t. Google didn’t delete the brand pages which had been created, leaving everyone confused about whether or not they should put up a brand page for their company.

Well, yesterday, Google started taking down all the brand pages it could find. It momentarily banned Mashable’s account too, which by then had more than 100,000 followers. Apparently this made the guys at Techcrunch, who played by the rules, quite happy. But then, the Mashable account as restored when Pete Cashmore changed it to its personal account, and pulled a few strings to get it back up.

Now, Google+ has been driving a lot of traffic lately, with millions of users eager to share stuff, which is what drove the guys at Techcrunch mad with envy, and led them to create a fake account on Google+ – Techathew Cruncherin… which lasted all of 2 seconds, before Google banned it. Now I doubt that they ever thought that it would work, but they definitely thought that their stunt would compel Google to ban all fake brand pages, like Mashable’s. But apparently, it didn’t.

Now despite the tone of this article, I’m with Techcrunch on this one. However, I just don’t give enough of a shit about whether or not we should have a brand page at Google+, though it does seem to drive a lot of traffic.

Google, please clean your act up, and make the same rules apply to everyone.

Also, here’s a great post by Danny Sullivan, which sums up the whole shitfest.

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