Election Day Google Doodle

Google’s Election Day Doodle

Election Day Google Doodle

Google has gotten into the election day spirit by offering up an U.S. election day doodle. The doodle sports the U.S. colors red, white, and blue and depicts ballots being cast in a patriotic ballot box.

Today’s doodle isn’t animated but it is plenty useful. If you click the “Find your voting location and hours” link at the bottom of the doodle, you will see something similar to what is in the picture below. Notice that the voting location is conveniently listed with a map on the left hand side. Highlighted in red, you will where you can click through the ballot and see what candidates are running. If the candidate has a website, Facebook, or Twitter feed, a link to that is provided as well.

Voter Information

At this point in time, a great deal of Americans are pretty much worn out by all the political rhetoric that is filling the airwaves and Facebook news feeds. Unfortunately, this election has the possibility of being so close that it may take weeks to find out who the winner will be. As tiring as this process is however, voting is one of the most important rights we as U.S. citizens have and exercising that right is an important duty that shouldn’t be taken lightly. No nation is perfect and the U.S. has seen its fair share of wrongs, but there have been many good people who have stood up to the injustices of our country and our world. I think about the citizen soldiers who stood up to an oppressive tyrant and began a great experiment. I think about the many men who died at the hands of their brothers while fighting to set slaves free in this country. I think about men and women who risked their lives to make voting a right for blacks and for women. You see, if you’re a U.S. citizen, your right to vote came at a heavy price no matter what your race, creed, color, or sex. Take a moment today to make your voice known if for no other reason than to honor the many who died giving you the right to do so.

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