Google "Zerg Rush" StarCraft Easter Egg is Awesome

Google is one of the companies which have hidden "" in their search results and website alike. They have so many of them that we had to compile a list of Best Hidden Easter Eggs by Google.

Google Zerg Rush

However, a new Easter Egg spotted by Search Engine Land definitely takes the cake. This Google Search Easter Egg kicks in when you search Google for the keywords "zerg rush". Once you enter the keywords and hit the Search button, Google will enact the popular strategy game StarCraft and destroy all the search results. At the end of it all, you will see a popular gaming jargon called "GG"; short for Good Game displayed (see screenshot above).

This is definitely one of the best Easter Eggs I have seen from Google. Have you seen better one’s? Do let me know about them. In the meanwhile go ahead and enjoy the treat by searching for "zerg rush" at

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