Notion Ink CEO Confirms That Google Will Launch Android Ice Cream Sandwich in October

Ever since details of the next version of the Android OS – Ice Cream Sandwich – were revealed, there has been a lot of speculation about when it will be released. If I were Google, I would do it slightly before Apple launches the iPhone 5, to take at least some of the attention off the new iPhone.

Apparently, Google plans to do the same. Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5 in mid-October, and according to rumors, Google will launch Ice Cream Sandwich before the end of October.

Today, Notion Ink CEO, Rohan Shravan, confirmed that Google has already started seeding manufacturers with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and that it will be launched before the end of October. He also stated that while Notion Ink hasn’t been provided access to Ice Cream Sandwich, he plans to update the Notion Ink Adam with Ice Cream Sandwich by November. Hopefully, the biggies like Samsung, HTC and Motorola will also follow suit.

Ice Cream Sandwich will be a unified OS for both smartphones and tablets. It will likely be launched with the Google Nexus Prime, Google’s next Nexus device after the Nexus S. The reference platform for Ice Cream Sandwich will be the TI OMAP4.

Android fans, the wait is nearly over. Until the actual launch, check out these images of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

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