Google Webmasters Tools Adds Content Analysis and Sitemap Details

Every wondered what your doing wrong with regards to SEO and headed to numerous SEO sites. That will end soon as Google Webmasters blog today announced two new features for Webmasters. One of them is Content Analysis and the other one is Sitemap Details.

What does both of these new features go, lets have a closer look at it.

Content Analysis

Content Analysis shows you problem with the content in your site and they focus on key areas such as

  • Title tag issues.
  • Meta description issues.
  • Non-indexable content issues.

You can easily go through your webmasters account and find out which of your pages are having issues and immediately rectify those. In the process you can also learn about common mistakes you tend to make that hurt your SEO rankings.


They also have a feature where they list out the "Duplicate Titles" you are using for your content. Having your pages show up in the Content Analysis does not mean they something is wrong in fact it gives you a chance to correct those mistakes. They also detect if you have long or short titles and recommend you to change those.

They also provide you analysis on non indexable content on your sites which their robots cannot analyze, most of it is usually Flash and Image based contents. If you are using images never forget to add an alt tag since that will allow the robot to index your images too.

Sitemap Details

To get your site better indexed it is always preferable to add a sitemap to your site. Google Webmasters now provide you with details on the sitemaps that you have uploaded for your website.

The new sitemap details feature shows you additional details such as the number of links that are present in the sitemap and how many of those are actually included in the Google index. In addition to that this feature will let you know about any errors you may have in your sitemaps.


Overall I found two features quite interesting and helpful for webmasters to analyze and know where they are making mistakes. In addition to that you can also now know how many of your pages are indexed by Google without having to use additional SEO tools.

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