Google Wave Extensions Gallery Introduced

Google Wave may not have lived up to its hype but it is still used by millions of people. Today, Google announces the extensions gallery for Wave to enhance the user experience through various Google and third party created add-ons. The gallery can be accessed via the extensions link in the Wave navigation panel on the left hand side.

Google Wave Extensions Gallery

Goolge Wave Extensions

The gallery essentially lists waves containing links to extension installers. All these extensions use the Google Wave API. As the official blog post from Google indicates, the gallery might not be very pretty right now since it is just an initial version. If you are a developer and want to try your luck with a Google Wave extension, you can submit it for review using this link.

You can read complete details and instructions on how to use the installers here. The gallery would definitely make Google Wave users to find extensions they need without searching on Google or opening up a new web page. The gallery currently showcases 18 extensions but its bound to grow pretty rapidly. Do you think offering extensions can help Google Wave do a bit better than it has since it launched?

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  • I dont remember when was the last time I really used Google wave gallery…

    They should integrate it inside gmail like Google buzz….Wondering if there are people who are still using it now?