Google vs. Microsoft is now The Misleading vs. The Irresponsible

Google vs. Microsoft has reached a whole new level where they are fighting blog fights. Google calls Microsoft “irresponsible” in a blog post with Microsoft calling it “misleading” in the response. Check Google’s explanation as it appears here.


In a breathless blog post, Microsoft recently suggested we intentionally misled the U.S. government over our compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). Microsoft claims we filed a separate FISMA application for Google Apps for Government, then leaps to the conclusion that Google Apps for Government is not FISMA certified.

Google claims that the separate FISMA certification it filed for was because of a name change and Google Apps Primer and Google Apps are the same products. Google Apps for Government has two additional security features and this will not require an additional FISMA approval. Google clarifies this further with,

…we’re actually going through a re-certification based on those changes that Google has announced with the Apps for Government’ product offering.

On a friendlier note, the last paragraph of the explanation post says Google hopes Microsoft will also re-authorize its applications for FISMA every few years. At this point of time, I feel like this explanation was long overdue and Google is right. It was wrong of  David Howard to attack Google but who knows, maybe Microsoft will throw another lemon and Google will make yet more lemonade. Only time will tell, but this sure gets interesting.
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