Google Voice App For iPhone Now Available Officially, Really

Earlier this year, a big feud broke out between two giants; Google and Apple; over an for Google Voice, the phone service provided by Google.

Google Voice iPhone App

The trouble started after Apple blocked the Google Voice app for which then also involved the FCC and Eric Schmidt resigning from the Apple board of directors. However, it looks like both Apple and Google have worked over their differences since the Google Voice app is now officially available for the iPhone.

Google officially announced that the Google Voice app for iPhone and is available for download from the App store. The new app will allow you to make cheap international calls and provide free text messaging to US numbers. Google Voice for iPhone will also include push notifications and will involve making calls through Direct Access numbers.

Excited about this news? Don’t wait, go ahead and download the Google Voice app from the app store here. Not sure what Google Voice is? Check out a video which explains what Google Voice is.

Update: As pointed in the comment below, this app does not work on the iPod Touch yet. There are several comments on the app page which point this out too. I will figure out a way to get it running on the iPod Touch soon.

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