Google’s Valentine Day Doodle Is An Eyesore

Ok, I have been a big fan of and have come to love each of it, take for example the recent one celebrating Thomas Edison’s birthday and Jules Verne’s birthday doodle, however, their Valentin Day Doodle is a serious eyesore and utterly rubbish.

Google Valentine Doodle

As you can see from the image above (sorry for the eyesore), the Doodle is anything but good. It makes use of gaudy colors and completely messes up the red, which is significant to valentine. According to Google, this Doodle was created based on famous artist Robert Indiana art, but I seriously see the lack of art in it.

Come on Google, we love your Doodle’s. Can you get the regular guys to make your next ? What do you think about it?

Update: The art this Doodle was based on can be found at Thanks maryann.

8 thoughts on “Google’s Valentine Day Doodle Is An Eyesore”

  1. rofl guys dont you have anything to write on?

    this is good, this is bad, i dont like this, this is an eyesore…

    rofl nobody cares mates =)
    there are better things to write on

  2. I disagree. I think people do care because if it’s a site they rely on heavily, yet every time they look at it at adds 1 degree to their already brewing headache because they’re stuck behind a monitor under florescent lights it’s something that is hard to forget. I understand not caring and finding it pointless to complain rather than do something about it, but hopefully the good people at Google will read this and take obnoxious colors into account the next time they design a doodle. What I am a little confused about (honestly, not being an ass) is people who take the time to comment on an article yet claim to not care about what is being said.

  3. They used the wrong color red. That’s why it’s clashing.
    (why is everyone’s screenshot of the logo out of focus? Does everyone suck at image capture?)

  4. Check out the original bookcover of Erich Segal’s “Love Story”. The Valentine Doodle is brilliantly creative – arranging the google letters like the red LOVE sculpture by artist Robert Indiana – turning one “O” into a heartshape – in colors reminiscent of the iconic book/movie “Love Story”.

  5. I hate it. It doesn’t even spell love properly. I mean, OK so it does, kind-of, but you have to jump from the L to the O to the V which I guess is the heart, then the E. I hate it. the colours are awful. It is dreadful.

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