Google and Twiter Get Back to Egypt, Tweet without an Internet Connection Now

The Internet kill switch in Egypt has worked well towards shutting down any form of communication. The Internet is blocked and SMS networks are down. In short, you just cannot get any form of message out to anyone.


Google had probably foreseen this event and acquired SayNow on 25 January this year. The SayNow about page describes the service as,
Founded in 2005, SayNow set out to build voice-based experiences that are fun and social. Along the way, we reinvented the way phone calls are made today. Voice is engaging, authentic, and an emotional form of communication, yet is largely ignored on social media and smartphone platforms.

Google has put their skills to good use by building a service that allows users to tweet without an Internet connection and through voice calls. The new service allows you to speak a tweet and this eliminates the need for an Internet connection, as all you need is make a call, speak your message and add a #egypt hashtag along with the message.

Ujjwal Singh, the co-founder of SayNow has said in a blog post,
We hope that this will go some way to helping people in Egypt stay connected at this very difficult time.

The numbers you need to call are +16504194196, +390662207294, or +97316199855 and follow the above procedure. All tweets sent to this number will be posted in the speak2tweet account. Egypt has gone completely dark now as the last standing Noor group ISP went down this Monday. This service should bring some hopes to Egyptians.

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