Google TV: The Power of the Web, Now on Your Television

Google TV is here and it promises to redefine your TV viewing experience. Earlier today, the Mountain View, California based search engine giant announced its new platform at the Google I/O.

Google TV is a software platform for set-top boxes and HDTVs which is powered by the Android mobile operating system running on top of an Intel Atom processor. Chrome browser with Adobe Flash support will ensure access to the full web from your television.


TV Meets Web. Web Meets TVis the slogan Google is using for Google TV and it is in fact the most accurate description. Search will very much be a part of the Google TV. You will be instantly able to access any channel by typing its name. Better still, if you know the name of a program, but don’t know the channel it airs on, search will help you locate it.

Google envisions its new initiative as an open platform, which will be used by others to build their own products. It is challenging developers to come up with new web and Android applications designed specifically for television sets.


Google has already paired up with hardware manufacturers like Logitech and Sony. While Sony will be integrating Google’s new platform directly into their new HDTVs, Logitech will be manufacturing set-top boxes that will bring Google TV to older television sets.

It’s hard to say if Google TV will indeed succeed in redefining the television industry. Are the consumers ready for such a convergence device? Only time will tell. However, if Google TV succeeds, it may very well replace our standard cable TV. Imagine a scenario where YouTube takes care of live events like sports, while Netflix and Hulu take care of movies and standard television programs. Even more significantly, if Google succeeds, it will be able to significantly increase its ad reach and access new demographics of users.

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