Google TV Will Have a New Google TV Search Bringing Together Mainstream TV and Web Content

Google is treading gradually into the hardware world with its Android powered devices and the  Google TV. Not surprisingly, both these products are powered by the Android OS. Recently, a new technology has been unveiled which will be in use in the Google TV. The Google TV promises a new search that brings channel surfing and web surfing under the banner of Google TV Search.

Jill Szuchmacher, the business development lead for Google TV commented on the new technology saying,

We have developed something called Google TV Search that draws from a corpus of content, live TV, listings, for example, as well as in the case where there is content available on the Web. We’ve built out what we call a Quick Search Box that drops down a series of search results that are most relevant for TV.

There are some concerns on how the search will rank results and this will be a driving factor behind the growth of related businesses. The search listing will involve both Web content and regular TV content, which do not merge too well either. The ranking system as clarified by Szuchmacher:

There is a lot of secret sauce happening on the back end to connect the user to the best results, regardless of where it comes from.

Now that is not really a clarification. It does not tell us if there will be scope for SEO in Google TV Search.

Currently, Logitech is stealing the show with regard to Google TV. However, another contender Sony is also manufacturing a Google TV lineup with hardware specs as detailed  here.


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