Google TV is Here

The last time Google officially said something about the Google TV was at the Google I/O Conference. Since then, the whole Internet world has been upbeat about Google’s next product and curious as to how it will change their daily lives. Now in a blog post, Google has given the whole world a glimpse of the upcoming Google TV along with the details about some of their content partner. The list of content partner for the Google TV includes some big names like Turner Broadcasting, NBC Universal, HBO and NBA. Google has even partnered with Amazon to provide Google TV owners with access to Amazon’s Video on Demand service.

Here is a video which gives us a sneak peek into some of the apps which Google TV will offer -:

As you can see from the video above, Google TV will feature some handy applications like Twitter, Pandora, Napster etcetera. Google has also been working with some of the popular media companies for optimizing their content like USA Today and New York Times.

The blog post also states that Google will reveal more information about the Google TV in the upcoming few weeks. Looks like Google TV is shaping up to be the perfect Apple TV killer!

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Rajesh Pandey

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