Governments are making Optimal use of the Google Transparency Report Tool

Google provides the governments with access to user data and a certain level of control over its storage at Google. This is a part of Google’s openness but governments are not exactly happy at this feature. In fact, just the amount of data that Google admits to have aggregates has been enough to baffle numerous governments.


Reportedly, Google has served 1,343 data requests over the period of January to June this year. That averages at seven requests per day. The requests consist of YouTube and Gmail data and the government is using this as a free ride to gathering some well-aggregated data. The US government itself has made 4,287 requests followed by 2,435 requests from Brazil and 1,430 requests from India. The data requested mainly includes identity information like IP address and registration information.

While Google is advocating free flow of information with its transparency reports service, governments are looking down upon this service, as they clearly do not like critical statistical data revealed like this. The governments are serious about this and are even willing to go to court for this. This attitude of governments is quite disturbing and this over enthusiasm about privacy and control over data is quite disturbing.

You can access the Google Transparency service here.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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