Google Removes "New Tab" Page From Google Toolbar For IE

IE8 users have been reporting that they are no longer able to see the New Tab page which displays most visited sites and other options whenever a new tab is opened. If you have been wondering that something has gone wrong, don’t panic, it is a deliberate decision by Google to adhere to new IE add-on guidelines and requirements posted by Microsoft, which can be viewed here.

IE8 users will no longer be able to view the new tab page which was added by Google Toolbar since Microsoft’s add-on guidelines clearly state that add-ons cannot make any changes to the tabs or address bar. Here is a snippet from the guidelines page (some emphasis added by me):

Removing and/or replacing Internet Explorer features

Software must not remove or replace any Internet Explorer features by disabling or limiting access to the feature user interface in Internet Explorer.

This includes, but is not limited to, replacing features such as the Internet Explorer address bar, search box, new tab page and favorites center.

As you can see, Microsoft clearly limits add-ons from making any change to the address bar, search box, new tab page and favorites center.

The new changes in Google Toolbar basically removes the new tab page because of this restriction. If you are a user who misses this feature, you are urged to use Firefox or .

I am a very light IE user, however, I find the new tab feature in Google Chrome and Firefox pretty useful, since it allows me to quickly open a frequently visited sites without having to use the bookmarks or having to type in the URL. A similar feature can also be found in , however in Opera it is called Speed Dial, and users have to manually add the pages to the Speed Dial.

Considering that IE’s user base is constantly declining, limiting add-ons from adding more features is definitely a bad move, considering how popular the feature has been. So would you switch from IE7 or IE8 to Firefox or Chrome to make use of this feature? Do let me know.


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  • Mary Ann

    I'm a non-tekkie who has always used the the most current version of IE because that's what has come on my computer. But removing the Google favorites tab function is forcing me to change. I'm already trying out Google Chrome and will try Firefox this week. Stooopid, stooopid, stooopid, Microsoft!

  • David Hintz

    Regarding the Google Favorites Tab, only found out that it had been removed, I thought I stuffed up the settings on my computer some where.

    This change has forced me to change to Safari, are far better looking system to use.

  • Bob

    Yes, it just might force me to change. I've dealt with it for over a month, mainly because IE8 was fast, had everything I needed, and I have years' worth of bookmarks stored in it. The loss of the New Tab Favorites is just too frustrating. I remember when that feature came out, I thought it was kind of neat; now it feels like I can't live without it, especially with the same feature available on my Droid phone. I'm using Chrome more and more in spite of my years' old Microsoft loyalty. For shame, Microsoft.

  • jason

    noting prevent the user from setting the homepage to res://googletoolbar.dll/newtabpage.htm

    but for the users who have made their own speed dial homepages, a forced homepage change may not be the best interest of the user.

  • Garry Hemming

    i’ve lost everything too
    what garbage