Google Testing A New Design Of Search Result Pages, Removes “I am feeling Lucky”

Looks like Google wants to do away with the classic I am Feeling Luckybutton. Some sources have reported that they are seeing another major design overhaul of Google search where the “I am Feeling Luckybutton is missing.


From the last couple of months, Google has been testing newer mockups every other week. First, they tested a completely new look of Google search result pages by changing the color, fonts and spacing’s between links.

Soon after, they performed another test by moving the URL up and placed it between the title and meta description. If you have missed our earlier stories, the following screenshot should do a quick recap:


The third mockup however, adopts a rich color scheme, removes the I am Feeling Luckybutton and slightly revamps the order of links in Google search result pages. Let’s take a look at another screenshot (courtesy Google operating system blog):


As you can observe, the search button has been replaced with a really bold counterpart where the word Searchhas been removed and replaced with a magnifying glassicon. The header portion of Google search result pages has been revamped with a greyish background while the sidebar filters have received a new color (Red). There is no hover background for the sidebar filter links, while the Cachedand Similarlinks have been moved to the Instant Previewbox.

With so many changes one after another, it’s no wonder Google wants to completely redefine the usability of search result pages. This is evident with their algorithmic tweaks which aims to improve the quality of search results. On both fronts, Google wants to provide a useful user experience and since they are testing a major design overhaul of their search result pages in parallel with the Panda algorithmic update, it’s clear that something big is round the corner.

The newer design has not been rolled out yet, so we will have to wait until Google pushes it out to all users globally.

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